As soon as the Islanders hit the ice for warm ups, there was something different. THEY CHANGED THEIR WARM UP MUSIC! We started it off with: 

 Heart Of A Champion - Nelly, Chillin’ - Wale ft. Lady Gaga, Memories - David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi, getting back to the normal music lineup as you can see, Cinderella Man - Eminem, and finally, My Time - Fabolous                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Well, they didn’t change it completely, but it was different. Anyway, as the lights went down in the Coliseum, we were greeted by the normal music of the opening video (Kick in the Teeth - Papa Roach), then in between the video and players entering the ice we got the 58 second mark of Warriors of Time - Black Tide. After about 15 seconds or so, Roger Luce came on to the P.A. and said it again. “Hockey Fans, Lets hear it for your, New York Islanders!.” Right after that, Ready To Roll by Jet Black Stare was the normal jam blasting at the Coliseum. 

The new warm up jams seem to be working! The Isles defeated the Bruins, 4-2.